Services & Programs

As a fully licensed and insured Professional Dog Handler, I am dedicated to providing trusted care for your dogs. With 6+ years of experience in the pet industry, I have a deep understanding of what it takes to ensure your pets are happy, healthy, and well-cared for. My passion for animals drives me to continuously improve my skills and knowledge and put your pets needs first. I am committed to providing the highest quality care possible.

Please reach out to me via our contact form to book your dog in for a weekly K9 off-leash adventure hike. I kindly ask everybody to submit your Pack Application - K9 Adventure Hikes Waiver BEFORE your dog starts hiking with my pack. Interested in training with us? Please fill out one of the forms below - whichever applies to you - for our other training programs.

K9 Adventure Hikes

Structured pack hikes in a safe, controlled environment designed to provide both mental & physical stimulation in Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge, BC.

All adventure hikes start off with structure. Upon unloading all dogs from the car, they all remain on leash for not just safety purposes, but I take that time to promote engagement with your dogs - asking for a heel, focus, close, etc - before allowing them off-leash. I find starting the walk as such, the dogs start off on a calm, focused and attentive foot which only leads to more solid recalls and calmness within the pack.

Our K9 Adventure Hikes on average last 60 minutes. I also choose lesser populated trails for a more neutral and private setting so the dogs can safely have fun.

We use only the best gear for hiking with your pups. You can find us sporting Tiny Horse and Outbound Canine Co biothane gear.

Please note, your dogs need to have in place solid recall and leash manners before joining. If your dog struggles with overstimulation, especially around other dogs, I highly recommend my Walk & Train program.

Double Day Hike

1 day = 2 hikes. What's better than 2 adventures in one day? Offered for those pups that just need a little extra exercise, stimulation or even for health reasons.

* Limited Availability

Walk & Train

Our Walk and Train service is a service I'm very excited to now offer to both existing and new clients! Didn't know? I am an aspiring dog trainer who, on a daily, puts in the training work with my own dog along those already within my pack. These 60 minute training walks are designed to be 1-on-1. Your dog will be my top priority and focus on these walks. These walks can take place within your neighborhood, within the city or out on the trails.

Interested? I will schedule an initial meet and greet with you to discuss your goals, what type of equipment you're using and your current training methods.

Some things I can work on with your dog are:

  • Teaching a heel
  • Walking nicely on leash
  • Encouraging engagement and focus
  • Off-leash recall
  • Calm state of mind
  • Desensitization
  • Implementing structure
  • Setting your dog up for success

We use only the best gear for training your pups. You can find us sporting Tiny Horse and Outbound Canine Co biothane gear.

We have waterproof biothane slip leads for purchase for our training Clients. Available in a variety of colors.


E-Collar Introduction Program

This program was inspired by my own journey and training alongside my Dutch Shepherd. Having a dog with a great recall and obedience is great! But what about those times your dogs instincts kick in and blow your commands? Having a solid system in place for those unforeseen situations or if you're wanting to just shape up your obedience, this program could be the answer you seek.

I know firsthand how important it is, especially within my pack, for your dogs to be alert and receptive to your commands. Training your dog on an e-collar is such a great way to expand your dogs world. Expanding your education and knowledge for your dogs sake, is never time wasted.

This program includes:

  • 4 Walk & Trains
  • 1 Pack Walk
  • Mini Educator, Outbound Canine Slip Lead or HermSprenger Prong Collar
  • 25% discount for an Outbound Canine Co E-Collar Strap

Puppy Program

Starting on the right foot in the early puppy stages when it comes to manners, creating boundaries, crate training, a calm mindset, and leash manners are imperative to creating a strong bond and will set your dog up for success for years to come.

This program includes:

  • 4 Walk & Trains
  • Outbound Canine Slip Lead
  • Elevated Cot

Calm Canine Neutrality Walks

Join us for a structured group walk on the trails with your dog and learn how to improve your handler engagement and dog neutrality. This service is designed for reactive and/or overstimulated dogs as well as adolescent dogs who need to practice their training in a controlled and supportive setting. You will receive tips and feedback as well as enjoy the company of other like-minded dog owners.

Please note, although I will be there for assistance, this service is not a full training session. Your dog must have a basic level of training before joining.


Collab Pack Hikes

These collaborative pack hikes with Outbound Canine Co are for any clients or individuals who want to join ourselves on the trails and meet other like-minded people. These pack hikes are structured and on-leash to keep all dogs and people safe. Spots are limited. Reactive dog approved!

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