Curious what Clients are saying?

"Jayden has been taking our Golden Retriever on adventures for over a year now and we couldn't be happier with the care, attention, and escapades that she takes our girl on! Vinni is a high energy girl, and she comes home happy, tired and content. Not only does Jayden ensure that Vinni gets some great exercise, but she's always working with her to improve her manners and I've noticed this when I walk Vinni. She's much easier on the leash now and her pulling has decreased quite a bit. She is always thrilled to see Jayden and waits on her perch by the front window for her to arrive. I swear she knows what days she goes for her walks! She loves herpacks and I love the many pictures and videos that come along with the adventures... we would wholeheartedly recommend Jayden for your dog-walking needs."

- Vinni's Owner, Kerry P

"Jayden has been walking my girl Myla for about 3 years now. Myla is a 9 year old blue nose Pitbull with a lot of health and personality issues. She is sensitive, highly anxious, goofy, loveable, reactive. Myla is a jack in the box you kind of know what you're going to get and then she surprises you. Jayden handles all of that and then some!!!!

Jayden is intelligent, patient, straightforward, kind, accommodating, hard-working, knowledgeable, I could go on and on. Jayden genuinely loves our girl and always makes sure to do what's best for her and for us. She's considerate and takes all of Mylas health restrictions and moms concerns/requests and she makes it work. If she can't she offers options, and alternatives, it's never just no. We love Jayden and are so happy with her relationship with Myla.

As a Pitt parent it is very hard to find someone that you feel comfortable enough to release your Pitbull to. Someone who has the same thoughts and opinions about your dog that you do. I've never felt discriminated against because of Mylas breed or reactivity issues. On the contrary, she supports us in every way possible. She encourages and gives us ideas, offers training and even when I don't ask she works on things with Myla I didn't know were an issue and then she fills me in.

She does everything in the betterment of our canine baby. I can tell you without a doubt, with complete and utter certainty that I know Myla is safe, protected and loved with Jayden. Thank you for all you do Jayden."

Myla's Owner, Naj Z.

"I can't say enough great things about Jayden! She is extremely professional and structured in the way she handles her pack and dogs. She even implements some training within her hikes such as practicing recall with each of the dogs. Jayden never allows the dogs to get too roudy and fosters a very calm and fun environment for all dogs joining."

-Tucker's Owner, Kimberly

"Happiness Unleashed is a fantastic dog-walking business, Jayden goes above and beyond, is always willing to work with my busy schedule and accomodate last minute requests. She always makes sure to take my dogs on long, engaging walks, and is extremely attentive to any special requests and instructions with one of my dogs being half blind. I am completely at ease knowing my dogs are in good hands. ​Overall, I would highly recommend Jayden to anyone in need of a reliable and professional pet care service. Her flexibility, attention to detail, and excellent communication makes her stand out. Not to mention she is a sweetheart."

Lu & Denny's Owners, Sarah F.

"It is such a relief to me to know that my fur baby is in good hands and gets to run wild in a pack every day!"

Anais's Owner, Holly S.